Proactive Approach

Take a proactive approach to protect corporation value, manage risk and reduce liability - CONDO PARTNER provides:

  • Quarterly industry group workshops to help your team prepare for a risk assessment and internal controls review and the related sign-off on the annual financial audit:
    • Share experiences with other board members and property managers
    • Get a head-start on risk management and internal control issues that may affect your corporation
    • Learn about best practices in managing risk and operational controls
    • Materials to facilitate your best practices

  • One-on-one risk management and internal control review sessions customized to your corporation and specific issues.

  • Optional reporting tools and templates with content designed to facilitate the need to “manage, control and administer” the corporation to protect value, manage risk and reduce liability.

  • The team at Issues Central, Inc. can also provide an audit of risk management and internal control practices at your corporation for:
    • Boards and property managers looking to improve performance, or
    • Provide litigation support In difficult legal situations

  • Property management firms can also benefit from the team at Issues Central reviewing property management manuals and procedures to determine if they are in-line with required legislation and provide boards with best practices.